All Moved in!

Sometimes it feels like I live in a tree house! Sitting on my sofa, all I see looking out my windows are trees. My favorite one looks a bit scrappy from the ground, but up here, I can see his…

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Facing forward...

My friend Jane (not the one in the song) once told me that I was always looking backwards. It stung, because I knew she was right, and I felt powerless to change. At the time, I wasn’t ready to turn…

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Sarah's Spell (flash fiction)

Sarah’s mind always goes back there. Decades have passed, but she still feels like the ugly outsider kid she was, with pimples, and dreams of being picked for the talent show, for the school play, and for being loved. 

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Eyes on my own paper

I was reminded recently to keep my eyes on my own paper. I wasn't cheating. I was looking around to see what other people’s lives were like, especially other singer/songwriters, and I was going down the rabbit-hole of envy. 

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Wrestling with myself again...

Have you ever wanted to do something, and to not do it, in equal measure? It happened to me this weekend, and it is an all too familiar feeling. I wish there really were do-overs in life. I would have…Read more

Not so very long ago... (a living room video!)

I was thrilled to have been offered the opportunity on Sunday to play a couple of my songs at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I was part of a show on the Dulcimer Grove stage, which is where lots of family…Read more

How do you measure success?

What does it mean to be a success? Is it something you are, or something you feel? How do you measure it? What does it look like? Who decides?
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Cooking from the Heart

I am at my creative best these days with a knife in my hand. I love to cook! I love the colors and the shapes, the smells and the endless possibilities.
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Planting Seeds (Your Heart Songs)

Yesterday, I saw my first forsythia. It is my favorite sign of spring. I like when they are wild and leggy! I feel like forsythia today, untamed and reaching for the sun.  

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The View from a Milestone

Yesterday ended with a passionate rant to myself, and to my closest friend, about needing help, not knowing how to ask for it, whom to ask, and what specifically I was asking for.  Then, before closing my eyes on the…Read more

Best next step...

The magical wonderland of snow has melted, and the temperature is rising. Wind is noisily throwing its weight around outside my window, and I know spring is just about here. Soon the heat will be turned off for another year,…Read more