Press and Quotes

“You know she is telling the truth with every chord she plays. Her lyrics are well thought out – poetry in that early Joni Mitchell style. She has chosen to be daring and stretch her imagination into eleven songs that are written so well none sound like they have been re-written from another time. Denise could be called the Norman Rockwell singer-songwriter.” (Exerpts from Here Right Now CD review written by John Apice on No Depression’s website.) (

"Denise's songs shine a mindful light on the everyday things of our lives, reflecting on their deeper meanings. Her voice is direct, honest, lovely and she leaves you feeling like you've found a new friend." (Anne Hills, singer/songwriter)

“My recommendation is that you listen to I Believe multiple times, because the song gets better with each listen. With every play the song reveals another corner of Denise Moser‘s heart and if you listen long enough to her honest, encouraging voice, you’ll find that your own heart will mostly likely yield some hidden pain or joy. It wasn’t until I’d listened to the song half a dozen times that I found myself in tears. Let this song break you open and help you discover or rediscover your Dreaming Self. If you’re already living your dream, this song will be a faithful companion.” (Mimi Cross, songwriter, from Sirenstories Review)

“Denise has the unique gift of being both achingly insightful and poignantly clever. Her expressive voice is lovely, rich and tender.” (Jennifer Haase, songwriter)

"I've been so excited for Denise's new CD, Here Right Now, to come out.  I'd like to say what my favorite tracks are, but I think I like every song.  "Alisa's Song" reminds me of my own life, and "Boy Store" always makes me smile.  "Here Right Now" makes me contemplative, maybe because I'm softer and grayer, too.  What a wonderful CD.  Thank you! (Donna Hendel)

Quirky, endearing and enchanting! Denise’s versatile and sweet voice expresses her passion for all of life’s offerings while her verse questions all that life dishes up. The composition is unpredictable and delightful. Denise’s approach to song will touch any beating heart. More!” (Kathy Rothschild Davis)

"Over the last fifty years, I've met and worked with some of the best songwriters in America, including Jackson Brown, Jim Croce, John Denver, Steve Goodman, Janis Ian, Billy Joel, Don McLean, Laura Nyro, Tom Paxton, John Prine, Michael Peter Smith, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Webb, Paul Williams and Townes Van Zant. Denise Moser belongs with them.” (Emmet Robinson, King Street Recording Company, Malvern, PA, Former Main Point manager, Bryn Mawr, PA)

(In response to the song I Believe…) “What a beautiful song, Denise. No pretense. Pure. Tasteful production. After hearing this I feel as if you let me in on the 'essence' of who you are. In so doing, you let me, the listener, recognize our similarities. Just lovely.” (Stephen Michael Schwartz, songwriter)

“Denise Moser starts her tribute to the New Year with the whine of an electric guitar and some gentle percussion. The acoustic guitar enters shortly after and reveals the song to be the spirited folk piece that it is. Moser channels Joni Mitchell in terms of her voice and delivery; both of which are pleasant, hopeful, and reflective. The lyric is not just a blind celebration of the year to come, but a contemplative look at resolutions failed to be kept and how the turning of the calendar from year to year is effectively no different than the turning of it from day to day. Cerebral, folky, and sporting an understated beauty, It’s A New Year’s Day is brilliantly crafted and will linger in memory long after it’s listened to.” (Heath Andrews)

“New Year’s Day doesn’t have half the number of songs that Christmas has. Denise Moser has upped that number by one. Her Dar Williams-like folk sound is perfect for reflections on the old year and aspirations for the new year. The simple melody and Denise’s sweet voice make this a perfect addition to your holiday music collection.” (Rick, comment posted on CD Baby)